Middle of the Night

Oy, Folks, I found myself in front of the computer at 4:48am.  I’ve been awake since 3:34am, and got tired of listening to the regular breathing pattern of my husband beside me, and the girl cat over on her mat.
The boy cat was down between my feet, but he wasn’t sleeping because I kept flapping the blankets and turning the pillow trying to find a cool dry spot.
It’s been awhile since the menopause symptoms showed up.

I finally decided the kitchen might be more interesting, but once I got there, with water warming in the microwave for tea, I remembered the one hour waiting period after taking the thyroid medicine.
By golly, 4am is too soon to take a pill.

The blue screen called me.
I checked every single blog of my Bookmarks Lists.
It was a quiet weekend in my Internet Neighborhood.

On schedule for today is a dental cleaning appointment, getting my glasses adjusted (the bridge of my nose is sore), calling the service for the furnace check-up, and making applesauce.

There is a family at church who has a small orchard.  They invite friends to come pick apples and make cider.  I think they view it as a mission, and we sure appreciate it.  The floor of the church library was covered with bags of apples.  I brought home one for eating, one for cooking, and one to give to the neighbors.

According to poets and songwriters, the middle of the night should be a time of deep reflection or stressful situations which might have reasonable explanations for not getting any rest.  You ever hear the song about the guy in the phone booth at 3 am, and then when the girl answers, he hangs up?

It’s doubtful that society would appreciate me being here at the keyboard before the first gray light of dawn, and I hope this early rising does not become habit.
Where was this energy when I had young sons in school, or had to have the coffee ready and the baker’s ovens up to temperature by 6am?
It seems that my body and life situations are way out of balance, and I will say I’m none too pleased right now.

Uh, oh, Chris just set the girl cat outside.
She must have gotten up and started pestering him, since I haven’t dished out any food yet.

This is not a fine beginning of the week.
Hope yours is better.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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