And a Time for Every Purpose

Today was a day for doing what I wanted to do.  And what I put on my list was to get all the stuff into the envelopes for the gift-giving fun.  I love to put things into envelopes.  Things like stickers and poems and crocheted crosses and stickers.

I mention stickers twice because I have a whole shoebox full of sheets of them.  For awhile, I had them in little drawers marked by category, such as flowers and animals and birthday.  As I got new ones, I’d just toss them into the nearest bin, and so they are all ajumble again.
Now as each envelope gets filled, I dig through and find just the right one for that person.  As if the receiver is going to know.

You might be thinking here sits a woman with too much time on her hands.  And you would be right.  But this is also a way I do some thinking, and I have two papers for the summer school class due on Monday.

So while I was using my paper edging scissors, in the back of my mind is the lesson plan example for my future hypothetical Pre-K classroom.
Which is very much like my previous experience in a Pre-K classroom, but that’s beside the point.
I’m getting college credit for the current writing.

There was awhile when I was on the Production team for our church newsletter, and I really grooved on the Keeping Order of it, and the staples placement and the address label and the sorting by Zip Code.
When all got done, there is a box full, just waiting to be taken to the Post Office.
As in times past, today finished 21 envelopes, all filled and named and stamped, then either sent away or will be taken to the church cubbies.

Apparently, this goes along with my Personality Type and Learning Style.  Way back in 7th grade, Mrs. Pickens Homeroom teacher, supervised our class with taking a special type of test.

I know it was special, because she never touched it after she passed out the papers.  I was the person designated to collect them all in the pre-addressed envelope and seal it.  Yeah, I’ll admit it.  I was usually the one person the teacher left in charge when she had to leave the room.

Except this time, I had to take the sealed envelope to the Principal’s office and sign a form.  Talk about responsibility!

Weeks later, the results of the test came back.  Mine said my IQ was 112, which I thought was really cool, seeing that I was age 12 and we did something with 100.
It also said that I am a Performance type, meaning that I like to get rewards outside myself.

That was in Junior High, then I took a similar test in high school Psychology class.  and for LPN school in Personal and Vocational Relationships.  and for an ‘Experience Your Gifts’ class in Sunday School.  and then last week for my Educational Psychology class.

The tests and questionnaires have different names, asked similar questions, use a variety of answers to find pretty much my same results.  I am a Detail person.  I want small steps which add up to a whole.  Don’t confuse me with more than I need to know to get through this minute.  When I’m done with this, we will be working for whatever comes next.

I am ME and I move along in response of the world with its problems and celebrations.  That phrase in the Bible about putting away childish things didn’t take into account the basic Personality types and Emotional Intelligences.

And so this day, I brought together all the small steps.  The crocheted crosses were washed and flattened.  There was a trip to the copy shop, and later, the Post Office.

And a whole bunch of folks are going to be quite surprised in a few days!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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