Explanation about the Summer Class

My printer chose this week to die, at exactly one year old.
Husband set me up with a “tennis shoe network”, so I have to ask the printer downstairs beside his computer to ink-out my stuff.  It is only one extra click of my mouse.
Golly, having a live-in Technician sure has me spoiled.
There has already been one paper due for the Edu Psyche class.
The makeshift system is doing fine.
Plus I’m getting a bit of exercise.

Someone asked why I am taking a summer class in Educational Psychology when I already have my Associate Degree.
The first reason is my Financial Aid package is good until July 1.  There was enough left to cover one more class.  If I did not use it by the due date, the money would revert to a fund, so it was not as if I would get a cashier’s check or anything.

Another reason is that I’d had to drop the elective Edu Psyche class in the Fall semester because it was just too much of a load for my brain and homework limits while taking other requirements.

And lastly, it is a personal goal that I will pass yet another Psychology class, of which the credits will transfer to the state university if-and-or-when I decide I should go there.
In years past, I’ve already passed Psyche 101, Child Psyche, Adolescent Psyche, and Abnormal Psyche.
One would hope these are enough courses for any job.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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