Oh, what fun it is to Write

Hello, Friends!  Didja miss me?!
It may be the summertime, and with rather pleasant weather the last few days as well, but I got quite busy with the Edu Psyche class.  The time is mid-Term already!
I managed to research and then write a paper yesterday, but she pushed back the Due Date for another two.  They will be turned in on Monday, along with an online Test.  I earned a 14 of 15 with the last Quiz, so I’m hoping to keep up the pace.
Then there is the figuring of my points, and for that I have to pull out the calculator.  My first rough guess is that I have a high C, which is a passing grade, so whew!  That paper is also due Monday, and worth a whole 5 points.

The dishwasher died.  It has been ailing pretty much since the day it was installed, and I just got tired of dealing with it.  The warrantee was up in late March, but I babied it along until the bitter end.  We pre-rinsed all the dishes, I changed the type of detergent, I left open a spot near the dispenser, I ran an extra rinse cycle.  Even then, there were so many cloudy spots on the glasses we were cautious about sanitary status.

On Monday afternoon, my Mister and I went out to SEARS and found a machine hopefully more suitable.  I want certain features, he wants others, plus good working parts.
We do appreciate the SEARS warrantee, which is why we go there.  My opinion of MAYTAG got kicked over the abyss and won’t ever be able to crawl back up into my good graces.
Three duds for appliances in the last 10 years, don’t nobody try to persuade me otherwise.

Meanwhile, my hands and shoulders are protesting all the typing and/or soapy water.
Tuesday evening, Chris washed the dishes.
I don’t usually encourage this, he needs to keep his callouses for the guitar string strumming, so you can tell how out-of-it I was to be willing to take him up on his offer.
The morning dishes got washed promptly so there will be less time standing this evening.
Can hardly wait until Friday for the delivery of the new workhorse.

I got to figuring what’s in the household.  A new fridge in the summer of 2003, front-loader washer summer of ‘04, stove Christmas 2005, and now dishwasher summer 2006.

And my printer is sitting over on the shelf awaiting diagnosis.  It could be a faulty toner cartridge, but my In-House Tech hasn’t had time to put it on the repair bench.

And I do miss having my own printer.  Maybe doing schoolwork makes me feel entitled, but the paper got changed without my knowledge, and there I am pushing along all 5 pages and they came out, well, just wrong.  And I had already closed that program and changed tabs, so putting in better paper and doing a reprint annoyed me.

These are my whines for the day.  There are folks dodging roadside bombs or sitting in a house with a broken air conditioner when the outdoor temperature is 111o, so I suppose I should just shut up already!

Another thing I have been doing is crocheted crosses.
To see last year, go here.
This year’s batch for graduates.

Well, one of these is going to a birthday, which matters not.
Same work, just different writing on the envelope.

The pale yellow biggest one is the very first I ever made with this new pattern.  My hands are tired so working the tiny size 30 thread can be questionable.  I found a new booklet, with the title BOOKMARKS,  and all the patterns inside use size 10 thread.

Can you see the ball of multi-shade blue down there in the corner?  That was a gift from my friend Sue on her last trip to Germany to see her son and his family.  I had mentioned how hard it can be to get the smaller, shaded thread here in the States.  She happened through a craft store and thought of me.  Now that’s a friend indeed to a friend in need.  It works into a real pretty cross at the bottom center.
The dark red not-a-cross is for a guy who is Muslim.  I remember him in the high chair gnawing on the corner of a storybook, and now he’s done with high school already.  His name was on the list in the newspaper.

It’s getting close to suppertime.  Then the laundry on the clothesline needs to be brought in and folded and sorted.
There’s not much on the TV tonight, so I might put in a video, then get working on a baby blanket for the next church sale.
It will feel good to use a larger crochet hook for awhile.  And the yarn was given to me, all kinds of pastels.
I’ll probably work some granny squares, then try to arrange them all pretty, almost like a quilt.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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