Moving and Stacking Branches

Last evening I was sitting on the back steps.  It felt good to have a few minutes to relax outside of the air conditioning.
However, the beginnings of the cramps were making themselves known in my back.  Long memory tells me that the remedy for this is to get up and move around.

I sat there a few more minutes to decide which method of exercise might be best.

Lo and behold, a bird landed on a branch of the pine tree, and dropped a deposit real close to where I wanted to be hanging out the laundry tomorrow.

Ah, yes.  Tree trimming to be done.

Under the watchful eye of Mahalia.

And then with the help of Oscar, branches get carried around the house and stacked beside the street for the city trucks to collect.

This pile is from the east and north yards.

And another cut and gathered from the south and front yard.

I wish I could say my work is done, at only the beginning of June.
This will happen at least two more times before frost in the Fall.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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