the Birthday Stuff Portrait Friday

This day is special because I am able to play Stuff Portrait Friday, which I haven’t done in quite awhile.
If you want to see what everyone else has written, then go over and check the Comments at Random and Odd, then click on the name for whoever else has played.

Today is March 24, which is special because it is Kristine’s birthday.  She is the gracious hostess of SPF and she wants us to help her celebrate.
Therefore she has given us three items for the theme to follow.

1) Something we would (cyber) “give” as a birthday gift
2) Three words of description written down, then take a picture
3) A self-portrait of Me doing a dorky face

And Away We Go!

I would give all the books on the top shelf of my tower.  Those are my Keepers books.

Old friends whose pages never fail me for inspirational words.
The authors I want to emulate, if not outright plagarize.
Delinsky Hendricks Bombeck Baldacci Woodiwiss Diamant Yerby

Next is some words of description for our birthday girl.

ROYALTY because she is the Queen of Stuff Portrait Friday.
She thunk it up and keeps it going and has introduced many, many friends at her gatherings.
Plus, Susie calls her Princess Kristine.

Lucky because she has a family who adores her.  It includes a hard-working man who knows how to have fun.  The picture of Shaun looking through the glass of the aquarium is so beautiful.  Give a hugg to your mom, your sister, brothers, and all umpteen of your youngsters.

Promise because at 34, she is so young!  Even with the children and years to go before they leave the nest, she keeps a good many of us ‘extra’ people so involved with our blogs and their comments and their Caring about her and each other.
The Bible says in Matthew chapter 5 verse 9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of the Lord.”

Now if she would just toss away the cigarettes, I would feel much better about her ability to face what the future holds.

Why she asked for the next item raises a big question inside my head.  Perhaps a dorky face is the closest she might see some of us to being a bit tipsy at a party.
I know I haven’t celebrated with booze in more than 25 years.

Because of the carpal tunnel wrist problems, I cannot hold the camera still.
I lost count of how many times I clicked the shutter then deleted, which is one nice process of a digital camera.

Um, yeah, dorky….

I sure do look like my mother in this one.

This has been one of the bestest parties I have attended in awhile.
Happy Birthday, Kristine!  and many more to come!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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