Sitting Around with Cotton Squares

Outside, the clouds are gray and gloomy, and the radio weather man says 100% chance of precipitation.  It doesn’t seem to matter that the temperature is at least 8o warmer than usual for this time of year, just looking out the window is a downer.

The only movement is a plump brown squirrel who keeps coming over close to the window with the hopes that I will toss out a scrap of old bread.
Shhh…..don’t tell the guys I do this.
They say that if I put out goodies, then the crows will come pester our yard as much as they huddle around the ISU Quad.  The patches of bird droppings are duly noted.

But this squirrel has been around for about 3 years.  She has an extra patch of darker brown on her right hip, and makes her nest in the fork of the maple tree.  Last year, I wrote about the pregnant squirrel, and I believe this is the same critter, and I truly think she might be in the same delicate condition only a year later.  She must have sent the last bunch off to college already.

Indoors, I have been sleeping alot.  Alot.  Amoxicillin and Robitussin dm knock me out.  The original germs cause a sinus headache and coughing.  The drugs for medicinal purposes cause loss of appetite and drowsiness.  No vaginal yeast infection thus far, but by the end of the 10 days, oh yeah, the call for DIFLUCAN will be mandatory.

I was given a bag of yarn by a lady at church.  About half of it was scraps of cotton.  I mean tiny little balls where I didn’t get a 16 inch strip of stitches.
Not feeling quite up to begin all the things on my To Do List for Spring Break, I decided to just sit and crochet something where the knots won’t show too much.
When I make the potholders, the rows just go round and round, then the corners are doubled together.
Perfect for hiding inside all the knots I know would happen.

Working single crochet repetitions, 10 done from leftovers.
I tried to match colors, and some do better than others.

Having been on the meds for longer than 2 days, I felt fine enough to be going to church and do my morning’s work in the kitchen.
Krog*er had a nice sale of Buy One, Get One Free for the deli cookies and certain breads.  Plus I had a coupon for bread and orange juice, so I was able to lay out a nice spread.  Folks tell me that I spoil them, some say I serve their breakfast.
I like to do it, but the Thanks are nice to hear.
My Husband is greatly amused by how upbeat I get for Sunday morning.  He says serving coffee gives me other compensations.

Today was the last Sunday before the Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale, so there was a table where donations were on display.

My potholders got a good review.

Especially children seemed fascinated about the texture and the colors.  One little guy kept reaching up to grab one off the table, but he was moving so fast that the picture is blurry.  He also tried out a little hand-carved walnut wood rocker, and again, not able to get a picture.  His parents must have to strap him down whenever the camera comes out.

There were other contributions for the Sale.

This shows knitted cotton dishcloths, crocheted nylon scrubbies, patchwork carry-all bags, and beautiful framed photographs.

Monday morning, the ladies group will wrap and price donations.
I’d better get some more rest so I can work my share when the time comes.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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