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Medical Sacraments

Oftentimes, going to the walk-in clinic with such vague symptoms as ‘an earache only two weeks after having a tooth crown replaced, and a heaviness in my chest with coughing all through the night’ results with the medical advice along … Continue reading

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This will get you up to date

You may ask what in the world I am doing writing so early in the morning, after having breakfast at McD’s with my spouse. I coughed myself awake at 10 minutes ‘til 6am.  I have a doozy of a chest … Continue reading

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Memory of 4th Grade Play

Now she’s gone and done it! Over at What Was I Thinking?, Susie put up a post with a request for a memory from your childhood. Somewhere in the middle of the column is my rather long comment about being … Continue reading

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Field Trip Art Project

Looming over my head for a few days was an art project due for my Activities for Children class at HCC. I made arrangements with a friend who has a job/business as a home daycare provider to go over Monday … Continue reading

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