Walking past the Hearts-at-Home 2006

A few years ago, one of the sons told me that it is a mile to walk to our post office.  Well, on Friday, I had some parcels to get going, and the weather was warm and sunny, holding the promise of a nice day.  I decided to get some exercise.

It was Spring Break for ISU.  I figured I could cut across campus and enjoy the peace and quiet.
When I got to the parking lot, it looked like a mini-van dealers meeting.

Over near the entrance was a sign lettered for Hearts-at-Home Parking, and this lot was declared to be Full.

Every parking lot was Full!

Ah, yes.  Heart-at-Home and this is the National Conference.
Right here in our little town, about halfway between my house and the post office.

The streets were surprisingly quiet, so I set a good pace, and didn’t have to stand at a corner and wait to cross.

While in line at the post office, I remarked to the lady ahead of me about how strange it seemed to me to be seeing a university parking lot with so many vans, many with out-of-state license plates.  The usual mix of student cars are old and rusting and leaning because of bad shocks.
She seemed amused at my observation.  Then she said all those women are probably bringing in some tourist money, which is different from college student fees, so the hotels and eating places should be happy.

After the post office, I walked on down the street to The Garlic Press because I had seen an ad saying that everything in the store would be 10% off during Spring Break.  I needed a new, official Rubbermaid scraper.  The off-brand just wasn’t doing its job when I had cookie dough in the bowl.

The sign next door said the cafe was closed because all the staff was on Spring Break.  I got to talking with the owner about all the mothers in the building a block away, and she expressed regrets that they had to close the cafe this week.
Next Year, the Hearts-at-Home Conference would be taken into account for more than 6000 potential customers.

On the walk home, I changed my route so that I could pass closer to the Student Center.

It seemed there was some free time between sessions because the Quad was full of ladies carrying this year’s bag of clear vinyl with green flowers on it.
One woman stopped me and began gushing about all the great things she was hearing and how nice it was to be walking around outside without pushing a stroller.
When I told her that I wasn’t really a part of the conference, that I was just on my way home from the post office, she looked all excited and said that if I lived so close, well, I ought to volunteer at the Information and Registration Booth!

Our Sunday paper did a half page report.  There is a bit of history of the conference, plus an insert quote about Kids and Chores from Marybeth Whalen and mention of Julie Ann Barnhill.

Who would have thought that mothers would some day have their own gathering to call their own?
This is such a nice way for moms to get a bit of recognition.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update 6:45PM:  One of the items that got sent off was going to the West Coast—across the prairie and over the mountains.
I was allowing a week of travel, hoping it would arrive on the birthday.
The giftee already received the package and it is only Monday!
We should not doubt the ability of the US Postal Service.

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