Erratic Leftovers

“Scatterbrain drifts over the Fairyland unnoticed and pleased with himself. He has no worries or problems, because all he hears goes in one ear and out the other. Do you know any such persons?”

Lately my thoughts have been scattered.  Maybe because I had a headache for a week and the side effects of taking antibiotics (which I am finally done with!).
Menopause and inactivity have nothing at all to do with it.

Yesterday, shoveling 5 inches of Spring Snow was a meditative undertaking.  It only used up 35 minutes of the morning to clear off two of our three cars, a path to the mailbox, the back walk, the front porch and walk.  My shoulders are telling me today that I should do such exercise more often so the muscles could learn to appreciate full range of motion.

I mailed off a sympathy card to our neighbor, whose mother passed away on St. Patrick’s Day. Enclosed a shades of green crocheted cross.  Maybe I should have used another color, but the green was at the top of the thread bag because of this season.

My Activities for Children Instructor called on the phone to say she was going to cancel class due to the weather.
Now that is considerate.
Usually, I drive up there, find a place to park, walk into the building, only to find a note taped to the door by a secretary.

So I found myself with a ‘free’ evening.  Nothing like having the house and cats to myself while the guys are out and about on their own.

I crocheted 7 yellow rows on the latest Prayer Shawl while listening to a cd I bought at Women’s Retreat last Fall.
Kristin Chenoweth As I Am.
I remember that I made the purchase on a whim because there is one song I like on it, and I had heard her sing as a guest on Evening at Pops.  Like all albums, this has some nice tunes and a couple so-so, but I can live with it.

Out of nowhere came the question—What car was I driving that time when Denise and I were trying to take our fellas to Kennywood Park and we got lost on the north side of Pittsburgh?  Was it my Matador or her Nova or his Ford LTD?
That would have been in 1978 or so and why is it driving me crazy right now?  Is somebody else remembering that morning and mental telepathy is a true science?
Why is it I can recall some events with vivid detail and others have drifted on into a hazy blip for now and then?

One of the front tires on my car has been declared Defective, so the warrantee will replace the tire but I still have to pay for the labor and alignment.  Plus new struts.  Keeping a car is so expensive, but with Lucas living an hour’s drive away, plus my trek back to the Valley in May, we have to have at least one vehicle in high-speed condition.  Chris and I will work out when we can make the trip to the mechanic’s place.
I might have to catch the bus to be getting to Math class on Thursday.

Over Spring Break, I tried to read books.  I began three books.  One is an old favorite, one has been on the shelf since Christmas, one arrived as ordered off the ‘Net.
All of them promise to be good reads, yet I got restless after 4 pages and put each one away again.
Restless is not my usual situation.  I feel like I am needing to have some output, rather than absorbing more.

I think I’ll go pick up my hook and that pretty yellow yarn and add a couple rows.

Here’s hoping your day is not quite as scatter-brained.
~~love and Huggs, Diane
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