Neighborly conversations……

The weekend, and yardwork is a good way to be outside and to chat with the neighbors.

One has a son working in Disney World for the summer.

Another had a garden hose taken.  The thief had to go behind the house and disconnect it from the water pipe.
The owner says she can replace the hose; it is the loss of the 50 year old, hand turned brass nozzle that has her so upset.

The house behind us has a little fish pond in the yard.  The owner lady said that they had a couple turtles to be sunning themselves on the rocks.  A raccoon decided that turtles are good for dinner.  The shell critters haven’t been seen in days.  Then someone else put a small catfish into the pond.  Next day, there were bitty baby catfishes.  Now there are none.  It is believed the goldfish like catfish for dinner.  The circle of life….

Two have mentioned that I should come get raspberries. 

If I get done my visual aid for Speech,  three credible resources and the outline, the window programmed into my graphing calculator, and the laundry folded, I might think about going into the berry patch.  However, bringing the berries in means I have to deal with them by freezing or making into cobbler or jelly.

I’ve decided this is why school is harder than a job.  Being in class does not mean the end of the work. 
A job, for the best ones anyway, once the timecard is clocked out, the work day is done and a person can use the evening for fun.

How college professors can keep up with the research and writing papers in order to gain tenure is just beyond my understanding.  University life is crazy that way.  People who study and work in education must really be able to put in efforts for brief attention. 
And very little truly free time…..

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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