That Doggone Dishwasher!

You may not want to know what I just used up time doing, but I have to tell ya, anyway.

The dishwasher has been out of commission for TWO WEEKS!!  When the repairman came last Friday, he said it needed a part.
The part arrived by UPS on Monday afternoon.  Bright and early Tuesday morning, I call to get the guy back here to put the part in.  Schedule-by-phone Lady says there is an opening SATURDAY late morning.  Eerrgh!

Last night, the kitchen smells awful, so I take out the trash, check pantry, even go down to the litter box to see if there is a fresh sample.

Nothing.  With my sniffsniff technique learned from the cats, I trace the worst of it to the dishwasher.  It has been locked shut for days, yet that is where it Stinks.

I open the door, and find it full of nasty goo. 
It seems that the machine, while sitting idle, is still taking on water, which I have long suspected it of doing.  Every time I push the Start button, it first empties itself of some water.
I tried the turkey baster, and it is so old that my thumb went through the bulb.  This morning I got a new one.

So for the last 20 minutes, I have been syphoning water out of the bottom of the tub and squirting it into an old dishpan sitting between my feet on the floor.  The stuff looks dark and nasty and smells even worse.  At about halfway, I had to take a break and pour the stuff down the potty and go outside for some air.  Neither cat came into the kitchen during the ordeal.  I think they knew that in this situation, curiosity should be overlooked.

The guy better come tomorrow, pronto.  And if it ain’t fixed properly then, I wanna new machine. 

It will not be a MAYTAG.  First the laundry washer died, and this dishwasher has had several service projects, often requiring a new part.

No sirree, I am not a happy housewife today.

~~Huggs without feeling the love, Diane

Update:  Saturday morning June 18. 
The repair guy just left.  He took out the control panel and there was an obvious burn mark between two circuits.  He put in the new control circuit board, screwed the front and back panels of the door back together, checked the float, then said it is good to go.

He said the water problem is caused by when I dump out the dishpan in the sink, the backflow goes through the connection down in the drainpipe.  In other words, some of the dirty dishwater was going over into the machine.  There is not a stopper built into them anymore, like in the old days.  Most dishwashers last only 5-8 years.  This one is going to be 5 in July.
I am running it through a full cycle with lots of detergent before trusting it with dishes.

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