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The Music for Me

I got tagged by Army of Mom.  This is my first meme tag in my recollection, and I really do wanna play, but it may not turn out as happy as for most people. Well, I cannot really say that … Continue reading

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Easygoing Day, it was…

As birthdays go, this one was really low-key.  There was a stack of cards in the paper mailbox to go along with all the comments on this weblog.  You like me, you really, really do! The dishwasher repairman was in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Me!

June 10th is my birthday!  You can do a math problem.  I was born in the year 1956. Some happenings at the time were: Dwight Eisenhower was President the Summer Olympics Equestrian Events opened in Stockholm, Sweden and Dean Martin, … Continue reading

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Sweet Delivery

Today I was having a bite to eat and reading the assignment for the Speech Class. When the phone rang, I assumed it would be for the popular youngest son who still lives here but rarely seems to be here.  … Continue reading

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Classes have begun

My summer classes are Oral Communications and Intermediate Algebra.  It seems like I will be able to cope.  All the chairs were full in both of the rooms, I had no idea so many people would be taking summer school. … Continue reading

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Uh-Oh, Oh No

Now, I’ve gone and done it. I missed a 9am appointment with my therapist.  Just awhile ago, she called, a bit worried.  About me!  I have never been suicidal.  Maybe some of her clients are, but when I get too … Continue reading

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The way we were

While I was out of town, going back to the Ohio Valley for my MFHS Alumni Association banquet, my guys re-arranged half the library area.  They put my old desk on the curb, moved two six-shelf bookcases, washed and painted … Continue reading

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At your Service

see the Comments of the previous post to get the background for this one Also from the collection of cousin Brenda in Fairbanks, Alaska “Russian people drink hot tea from glasses instead of cups or mugs so they use something … Continue reading

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Stuff Portrait Friday

Hello, There! I am going to miss the Stuff Portrait Friday at Kristine’s blog.  Having been out of town for six days and taking pictures of everybody around, driving 10 hours home, catching up the laundry, moving bookcases and throwing … Continue reading

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This is a Filler

Hello, Everybody, I have returned from the Ohio Valley to a library area in great disarray. With permission, of course, while I was away, my guys threw out my old desk.  Behind it was a mess of mold on the … Continue reading

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