Energy going to Classroom Work

A very energy draining day.
In Intermediate Algebra, we had the first lesson on how to use a graphing calculator. 
Speech class was presentations.  The topic was a Personal Experience. 

Let’s say my speech was going well until one of the girls in the third row did a big intake of sobbing and had to blow her nose.  Then a fellow in the corner used his knuckle to wipe the corner of his eye.  It seems I can tell a real tearjerker of a story about a crocheted baby blanket.  What moved me most was that I was all the way back to my seat before the clapping began.  It took that long for them to get a meaning for all I had said.

I’m going to wait until I get back the grade before I decide if I’ll post it on here.  One fella says it should be published.  Husband says print it in a place where I’ll get paid for it.

This evening, I am watching my videotape of MULAN and crocheting a potholder like the one my cousin sent for Christmas.  Very easy and mindless, just singles going around and round.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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