Funeral, Men Working, and Classes

This was a very long day.  I checked over my Algebra homework first thing this morning, and all seemed to be in order.

Then a Visitation and a 10am Funeral Service at the church.  The family is large and close-knit, and there are many of us friends and colleagues, and even though she was 100 years old and lived a fine life, we are going to miss her.  I sat way in the back and crocheted a cross.  First time I have picked up a hook in about a week.  She would have loved giving me the time to relax.

I sneaked out the back door of the building just after the undertakers rolled the casket past me.

Went through the drive-thru at McDs and got a big mac and coke, then sat in the parking lot of HCC and ate a 15 minute lunch.

Half the parking lot is fenced off due to construction of a new building, so I watched a steam shovel scoop dirt and dump it into the back of a truck.  Somewhere around the house is a children’s book which has all the official names for those machines, but what I can tell you is that the men (and it looked to me like all men) who do construction and drive equipment surely do enjoy their jobs.

It reminded me of a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay when she was watching men digging holes and putting poles into them to bring electricity.

a verse from Men Working
The clean strike of the pike into the pole; each man
Depending on the skill,
And the balance, both of body and of mind,
Of each of the others;

At Noon, I had to turn in my homework for Algebra, which is when I noticed a problem not done.  The numbers were there, I just did not figure all the way to the answer.  The points will be taken off the grade, Sigh.  I do need to earn at least a grade of C for this course.

Speech class, I had entirely forgotten that the Topic Proposal for the Personal Experience speech was due.  She allowed 20 minutes at the end of class to write one up, and she accepts reasonable, legible handwriting.  No typing on a college computer.  Yay!  I do likes my at home keyboard.  I’m told this model is no longer being made, so I have to really take care of it. 
Hear that Oscar?  Keep your hairs to yourself!

We picked up a vege thin crust pizza for supper.  Both of us too tired to talk, almost too tired to chew.

There is another funeral service tomorrow, but the time overlaps too close with class, so I won’t be at the church.  I’ll crochet another cross and put it into a card and drop it into the mail.

I’d better get to my Algebra homework. 

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Tomorrow is Hump Day, the middle of the week. 
I’ll have to finish writing the Speech and practice it, go to the Post Office (be sure to buy Feynman stamps!), and of course, Algebra studies.

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