Keeping Hands Busy

last year, I found a pattern for a crocheted stocking ornament
and worked up enough to give away 6 dozen

Almost met that this month too, and might pass by the time the actual day gets here


Will have to get over making stockings soon, even if it is a good way to use up little balls of odd yarns.

Have a few requests for fingerless gloves.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Some Glam for the door

I bought $10 worth of Raffle Tickets at the Band Craft Sale at West High School.
this is the prize I won !!

Holiday Wreath 2012

Not sure who would be the builder/ Donor, but so much effort went into it

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Latest Baby Blankie

this is on its way to my grand-nephew Beau

baby blankie crocheted of BERNAT 4-ply acrylic yarn. Color name Hiking

I’m told the colors are nice for a little boy, especially one whose Daddy is a great outdoorsman.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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New Addition to Extended Family

my mother Kerma Schiffman with her first great grandson

baby boy Beau William born 09 November 2012
(same birth date as astronomer Carl Sagan)
to my nephew Danny and his wife Allison

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All I want is a small covering

While finish washing the breakfast dishes in the sink,
I knicked the tip of my left index finger a bit on the drain cover.

Some bleeding, but a bandage is needed if I want to keep using my crochet hook for the latest baby blankie, yet not drip red onto the pink yarn.

Going over the where we keep medical supplies, I saw this sign

sign with Husband’s handwriting on it

Curling fingers of my left hand for holding a paper towel to my finger,
with my right hand I searched boxes until I found a proper one

Being a greatly rebellious sort, I put a Knuckle bandage on my fingertip.
There are many folds and tape-overs, but it is holding well and I am typing fine.

although I cannot take a proper picture because I cain’t hold my camera in only my right hand.

Now I am going onward to my crochet hook (which I hold in my left hand)
while sitting on the front porch on a lovely morning.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Lost and Found: gotta Appreciate my Mister’s Request

Well, Folks, my dear Husband says I should write about the $5, the story of which is almost a month old, and has been told out loud at least 3 times.

Just a minute while I clean the grease off my glasses, and open the door for the cat to go outside to nap on the porch

Diane Wiman on her 56th birthday 10 June 2012
this is actually a picture of me on my birthday, age 56 on 10 June, holding a plate with tiramisu cake on it. and the shirt I’m wearing is from my home church’s anniversary — same weekend was my sister Denise’s 40th birthday, which tells you how long I like to keep comfortable clothes and will wear something that says CELEBRATE for my own birthday 14 years later

but notice up there behind my head in the doorway is the chin-up bar with magnets holding things
One of the things is a $5 bill, with a note written on the date 23 May.

the last 2 days of school were Monday and Tuesday of that week, and I had worked both days at a junior high. Being out of the house left me feeling kinda crowded on time to have things done and ready for my trip outta town
On Wednesday, 23 May, I was doing all kinds of errands, with a plan to be leaving for Ohio on Thursday 24 May. My MFHS Alumni Association Banquet happened on Memorial Day weekend. I was staying with my mom

Husband suggested that we meet for lunch at Merry Ann’s diner. He had a meeting in a nearby building, and wanted some company. Any other time, we ride our bicycles, cuz we are a couple hipster middle-agers. But this was a day on the job for him, and I had to fit in *a date* with everything else on my list.

Merry Ann’s is on a very busy corner of town, and parking along the closest curb is parallel kind, which I avoid. There is a public parking lot down the block, but being on a One-Way street, it is difficult to get in and out of.
Construction going on between the parking lot and the diner.
I finally found a spot along a street almost 2 blocks over, and had to walk back to the diner past the construction zone, and crossing a busy 3 lane street.
Got there almost 10 minutes late, rather hot in both body and attitude.

Husband got me to calm down long enough to order, and the server put a glass of filtered ice water in front of me.

We talked about his meeting, and my upcoming driving experience to the far side of Ohio, and other soft topics.

After lunch, we had a quick smooch by the door, then he walked one direction to his office, and I walked the other way to my car, with the rest of my things to do.

Just after I crossed busy College Avenue, wind-wrapped around the lower trunk of a tiny tree, I spotted something green– money. Leaning in, I saw it was a $5, perhaps lost by one of the construction workers, or dropped by someone going into the parking garage.
I looked around, but no one else even close, and only 30 feet from my car.
I snatched it up, and stuffed it into my pocket.

When I got home, I was putting items away, and pulled my list out of my pocket, along with the $5.
I put the money under a magnet on the bar, to remind myself to tell Husband the story of how I came out a bit richer for going to meet him for lunch as he asked.
And I did not take it with me on my trip to see my mom because I needed to write a blog post.
which I am doing at this time because there is a pallet of laundry to get done, and I am procrastinating any other household chores.

Now, I will take that $5 from under the magnet. My usual strategy with “found money” is to donate it to a worthy cause. But I think for this purpose, I will buy some yarn with it to have some fun (other than provide blog fodder), then donate the craft project to a worthy cause.

Winners all around, wouldn’t ya say?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Trying to Catch Up

A couple weeks ago, a donation bag came my way. About a gallon size, it was full of little balls of 4-ply cotton yarn. I parked it on top of the bin in the Crafts Room (aka the room where Oldest Son’s bed was while he lived at home) then later realized that whole bushel size tub was full of those same type of balls.

So, I brought it out into the better light of the living room, untangled, and spread out so much yarn. So. Much. Yarn. Did not think to take a picture of it. Imagine a bushel plastic tub dumped out, and not a label in the whole pile. Leftovers, all of it.

Anyway, I looked, allowing my eyes to glaze over just a bit,
then decided that I would not try to do up matching pairs.
Just find colors that might go together and start crocheting.

I went and got plastic newspaper sleeves, and “measured out” enough yarn by setting alike colors into a wooden bowl. If the bowl is full, should be enough yarn to crochet a single, silly, stripey potholder.

After filling 12 sleeves, I wanted to quit. My eyes were seeing color spots even while not looking at yarn.

So, I found a couple other smaller containers, and a couple bags, then sorted the rest of the pile into colors alike. Shades of Red. Blue. Ombre/varigated. Put the still 2/3 tub back on the shelf.

Crocheted 7 of the first bunch laid out

these were donated to the Meadows Home for Spring Crafts/Bake Sale

Have since crocheted 3 more, which means I will soon have to do some more matching and bagging to continue.

When Members of the Needlework Group saw them, I got 3 requests for lessons how to crochet and finish the potholders. Next Thursday will be very interesting.

Meanwhile, there are 4 Bookmarks to do for high school graduations, maybe others.
and a request for a baby blankie due in 2 months.

Never wonder why I am away from this blog. I keep busy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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A really green April

The weather has been crazy lately, and the flowers and plants in the yard are quite confused. Did a little walk around the property before Husband did some mowing.
He left standing a few of the flowers because butterflies were having a field day.

Here is the view when I open the window here next to my desk:

the Spyrea is usually blooming around Memorial Day, so this picture being Earth Day means flowering 6 weeks too soon

here is Spyrea on the other side of the house. When I took trash out to the bin, the smell of flowers was so much sweeter

the trash truck just came and used a claw to pick up those branches that Husband trimmed from around the garage. He had a busy weekend doing yard upkeep. Maybe someday we might just want to hire a gardener.

the Peony flowers are already in bud. They usually come around the time of my birthday in June

in October, we got a new roof and gutters on the house. One of the trucks dropped a big clump of mud near the back steps. I used a shovel to break it up some, but did not remove it. This spring, the violets acted like nothing extra was there, and came up just as colorful as ever, but you can still see a bit of mud.

Some folks who stop by, when they see the tall trees and all the lovely plants tell us we live in a nice neighborhood.
I can agree in full 🙂
We are just a block from Main Street. I walk to the Post Office and public library, and we often ride bicycles to favorite places to eat.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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Spring Has Sprung!

We have had warm weather for awhile now. I was across the yard talking to a neighbor, when I looked back at my house. I don’t often see that window from over there– usually I am looking out it.

Oh, and please notice the nice overhang above the window. That protection was added/ modified when we got the new roof in October. It really helps hold back the wind and rain noise whilst I am sitting here in the corner.

Right in the middle of the yard is a little clump of bluebells, which were not there before. Some hardy roots spreading the cheer?

Seems like everything has flowers all at the same time.

the lilac bush is looking good

considering that a couple years ago, the hired guy for the rental property over there trimmed the bejeebers off the branches, so that poor bush had to work hard to make a pretty comeback.
Usually, the lilac bush is blooming close to Mother’s Day, not the last week of March, but nothing I can do about it.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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And a Good Morning to You

Today I am home, after checking the SubFinder ‘Do Not Disturb’ box.
My head aches as if a cold is coming on. Being with little children ramps up the germs available for catching.
I heard Husband get up and do his ready-for-work routine in the bathroom, never heard him go on down the hall to the kitchen, then fell back asleep until almost 9am! which messes with my morning medicine and late breakfast, but oh my, it sure did feel nice to sleep so late. Oscar was curled in his bed by the window.

Oscar is still on antibiotics, plus medicine for his bladder. I was gone yesterday for 6 hours, and when I got home, he seemed to have done fine, his food bowl was empty, but really needed some cuddles all evening.

A few years ago, I invested in a nice sweeper, the kind you just push with your hands, not electricity. Since we ripped up the wall-to-wall carpets a long time ago, these days, I use the little sweeper for touch-ups on area rugs, the times between laundry.
Tried to push it this morning on the mat in front of the sink. It did not want to turn a wheel very easily.

After reading the paper, and washing the breakfast dishes by hand, I went to the table beside the sunny window, turned over the sweeper to examine the wheel. It was wrapped quite tight with rug fibers and a piece of sewing thread. I fetched the tiny craft scissors from my tote bag, and an old pair of tweezers from the junk drawer.
An hour later, there was a pile of fuzzy-hairy gunk about the size of a golf ball on the corner of the table, but all the wheels, plus the brush are working properly. Would be nice to earn wages to do such a tedious and dirty job, but my rewards are not monetary.

Now it’s Noon, and I should get on with the rest of the day. I think I need to make a trip to the post office, then the grocery store, for we are almost out of eggs and milk. Nice time for doing errands, while the weather is good.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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