A really green April

The weather has been crazy lately, and the flowers and plants in the yard are quite confused. Did a little walk around the property before Husband did some mowing.
He left standing a few of the flowers because butterflies were having a field day.

Here is the view when I open the window here next to my desk:

the Spyrea is usually blooming around Memorial Day, so this picture being Earth Day means flowering 6 weeks too soon

here is Spyrea on the other side of the house. When I took trash out to the bin, the smell of flowers was so much sweeter

the trash truck just came and used a claw to pick up those branches that Husband trimmed from around the garage. He had a busy weekend doing yard upkeep. Maybe someday we might just want to hire a gardener.

the Peony flowers are already in bud. They usually come around the time of my birthday in June

in October, we got a new roof and gutters on the house. One of the trucks dropped a big clump of mud near the back steps. I used a shovel to break it up some, but did not remove it. This spring, the violets acted like nothing extra was there, and came up just as colorful as ever, but you can still see a bit of mud.

Some folks who stop by, when they see the tall trees and all the lovely plants tell us we live in a nice neighborhood.
I can agree in full 🙂
We are just a block from Main Street. I walk to the Post Office and public library, and we often ride bicycles to favorite places to eat.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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