Spring Has Sprung!

We have had warm weather for awhile now. I was across the yard talking to a neighbor, when I looked back at my house. I don’t often see that window from over there– usually I am looking out it.

Oh, and please notice the nice overhang above the window. That protection was added/ modified when we got the new roof in October. It really helps hold back the wind and rain noise whilst I am sitting here in the corner.

Right in the middle of the yard is a little clump of bluebells, which were not there before. Some hardy roots spreading the cheer?

Seems like everything has flowers all at the same time.

the lilac bush is looking good

considering that a couple years ago, the hired guy for the rental property over there trimmed the bejeebers off the branches, so that poor bush had to work hard to make a pretty comeback.
Usually, the lilac bush is blooming close to Mother’s Day, not the last week of March, but nothing I can do about it.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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