Weekend Over, and how Fast!

What a whirlwind of a weekend I had for my social life!
Actually, Friday was fairly tame, what with SubFinder saying No Jobs Available, then watching tv in the evening.

Saturday started with Husband and me having breakfast out. We love to do that, began the fun years ago, soon as the sons were able to stay home to sleep in and we could get away for an hour or so.
Went to 2 stores before returning home that morning.

Then in the afternoon, I went to a baby shower. Nice fun, even played a few games. I was very good on the Nursery Rhymes fill-in-the-blanks, but dismal on the mother-to-be’s family history.
Ah well, my luck cannot always be the greatest. Oh wait, I did win the number for how many candies was in the bottle.

the pastels colors blankie, which I had crocheted in 9 days, was quite a hit. I told her that having 3 days off school for Inclement Weather, and in the Waiting Room during Husband’s mouth surgery, allowed me to put in some real hooking time.

The cake was quite yummy. It was done by the same bakery as a friend’s wedding cake. I might have to find an excuse to order a cake in the near future.

Went to supper with a friend. My invite, so I drove, and I paid. She seemed pleased, maybe doesn’t get a treat too often, even if it was only a burger and soup.
We were filling time between the shower and the evening activity, a Fundraiser for the Youth Fellowship.

For that event, I had crocheted an aphgan about 40″ mebbe love seat size? several bookmarks, 3 doll blankies, a pair of potholders. They all sold in various ways, so I’m glad my donations have good homes.

Also had a dozen Whimsies from Red Rose tea. Little kids just love those, but it was a mother who had the most personal reaction of memory.
Ate a nice brownie at the cafe area, and brought home a piece of lime cheesecake for Husband.

Had the highest bid, so I brought home a delicious Mixed Fruit pie. Gave a piece to the guy across the street, a couple pieces to youngest son and his sweetie, then Husband and I managed to finish it off over the last couple days.

Sunday morning, I was a bit late getting out the door, so my friend was waiting at her door when I pulled up to give her a ride to church. She was in a good mood, saying how much fun the evening before had been. I love being able to help her get around, since she no longer has a license.
Church service was kinda fun, it was the birthday of the guy who plays Host in the kitchen during Fellowship Hour. Good snacks, some of which were leftovers from the previous event.

Afternoon, Husband and I went to a play on the ISU campus How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It was our Valentine Date, but I loved being there in a matinee, and coming outside again while the sun was still shining.

Sunday evening, son Chris was back in town again after being out-of-state all week. He and his sweetie came by, just to show us how relaxed he looks. Getting away from SNOW seems to have been good for him. I sent them home with pie, and a couple dvds to watch. Just what a mom is for, yes?

This morning was the monthly meeting of the Mennonite Women at church, so I was over an hour cutting the proper part of soup labels for education, while others knotted a comforter, or hand-stitched a pretty blue and white crib quilt.

After that, I did 2 errands, but decided that driving across town wasn’t gonna happen today, so the third could be put off.

This afternoon, I am at home catching up the laundry. I did not even glance at the pile at the bottom of the chute over the weekend, so how much there was a bit of a shock to me today.

Also cleared off some old boxes of food from the shelf in the storeroom. Something with an Expiration Date of May 2008, I don’t even want to bother with, or risk the wheat of it being wrong for a body.
An article in the paper made me think of doing that. It was about being in the house during bad weather and seeing what might be available to make a meal with.

I’m watching a squirrel scamper across the top of the snow in the yard, then dig down to find an acorn. I noticed a critter doing that on Friday, so apparently this thaw is triggering their memory of the stashed goodies.

Gotta go. the laundry machines have sounded the warning buzzers.
Then comes JEOPARDY! with the computer Watson game on tv.
Such a creature of habit is me.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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