Sunday is almost Over

Here I sit procrastinating paperwork. Some of it is routine bill paying, there’s a birthday card needing a signature and stuffing of the envelope. Also the beginning pages of the mountain for medical finance.
Very grateful for my desktop copier, purchased a couple years ago when I needed lesson plans for Sunday school. It does so many other things since we bought it.

I will get it all done before the mail truck goes down the Court tomorrow. So far, SubFinder is giving the No Jobs Available signal, so I’ll see how that works out. It would be impossible to walk to the 2 closest school buildings as usual, the sidewalks are still a mess from the storm. It would seem strange for me to drive .8 mile, but if needed, I will.
I don’t know how the children will be going– most likely their parents will drive some, and those at the bus stop will either climb the white mountain or wait in the street.

It was good to go out for church this morning. It was snowing when I started and cleared off the car, but didn’t add up to a full inch– less than the 3″ prediction, thank goodness.

The sermon was very pertinent Nothing Like a Good Storm using the Bible verses when Jesus yelled at the wind to be still. Might have been nice to have a little of that calming ability last Tuesday evening. All of middle USA was praying for some relief.

There was good fellowship over coffee, and many questions about Husband’s recovery. He is doing okay, other than swelling. He says that the surgeon called while I was out, so it was good that he was at home.

For lunch, I brought home Subway sandwiches. We often have them, especially since the new store opened about a mile from the house.
I didn’t think much ahead about my fever blister and having to open lips so wide to bite, nor his tooth removal and advice for soft foods for awhile.
So we cut up our sandwiches into bite size pieces, and broke the potato chips into crumbs. Oh what a pair, we are!
We made a memory to be told through the years.
When I wrote it in my status update on Facebook, a friend made the comment that we would soon be thinking of using a blender.

This afternoon, I got the ironing done. Easy items. Having days off due to Inclement Weather meant fewer work shirts for the wage-earner. The ironing board is still waiting to be folded and put away, tho.

Son Chris came by to pick up his mail, and mention that he’s leaving the state for a few days. Well, his dad knew earlier. Headed for the sunny South, a place with a beach. Didn’t even need a ride to the airport, he will park his car in long-term area. Next snowstorm, somebody else will have to dig it out. His roomie is looking after his cat.
This not-being-needed as mom is difficult to wrap my brain around. My son is a guy who made a goal, saved the money, bought the ticket, has lodging and friends while there.
It’s what we hope for our kids, but now that time is here, I’m still a little awestruck at how good they have grown up.

This evening, Husband was needing to be away from the house (he gets so bored with cabin fever), and we needed a couple things at WallyWorld. The cashier asked something about the Super Bowl, and seemed disappointed at the mumbled response “um, we’re not much into sports games”.

Right now, Husband is on the treadmill. He’s wearing different shoes, and the noise of the belt is softer. He’s also watching a different set of dvds, so not so many giggles as the last week.

I have to go sort the clean laundry into piles, and mate the socks.

Blessings to All on the week ahead 🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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