Oh, Dear, Look at the Time!

Here I sit well past bedtime. Actually, I was in bed at a sweet hour, but I have the beginnings of head cold problems and sinus drainage, causing all kinds of deep coughs.
It’s what comes of being in places with sick people the last few days, and changing over the litter box the evening before trash pickup.
Not to mention the acid reflux, which happens when I eat “other” or perhaps “extra” food at the church potluck, then have a humongous cup of hot chocolate with an afternoon snack of carrot cake. Even if I haven’t had anything other than water and cough syrup since 7pm, my tummy is not happy when I get horizontal in the bed.

I wanted to maybe be knitting a baby hat on the peg loom, but my right index finger has a cut, throbbing when I bump it. Typing is the less painful option, and so far, no blood dripping on the keyboard. How I got the cut caused a bit of disagreement, but part of the story is the plastic wrap box was placed awkwardly in the drawer. You know that metal strip used to tear off just the proper length? It should never meet skin.

We’re getting the back bedroom ready, more or less, for the visit of middle son Lucas. His airplane is promised to come on Tuesday, and I am quite grateful that Monday is a day off school for President’s Day. Husband has been moving around boxes of books, and sorting piles of not sure what, but we can see the bed again. I’ll take all the linens off to do laundry, and vacuum the blinds. It’s been over a year since anybody slept in there. If the Health Dept were called, there would have been all kinds of violations for human habitat.

Having him home is a bit unexpected for me, I’m already booked for a TA Sub job on Wednesday, and an event at church that evening. Husband is able to get some time free, so the kid should feel welcome, if not pampered. We’re making a group lunch date before he goes away again.

Haven’t spoken to relatives lately, so I assume No News is Good News. They live in states in every corner of the continent, it’s hard to keep in touch when half don’t use a computer.

We are all pretty much tired of winter weather. I’m wondering how this ouchie finger will behave when I shove it into a glove.
Golly, I just coughed so hard I had to stand up and put my arms over my head to give my lungs some room.

Looks like a long, unhealthy week ahead for me.
Hope yours goes better.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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