This Project was so much Fun to do

this baby blankie is crocheted of Loops-n-Threads sport weight yarn, which is the house brand distributed by MICHAEL’s Craft Stores. It took 3 and a half skeins. I did not measure the inches of the sides, but folks say it is a nice size, and soft for a baby.

Although the wrapper said to use 4mm size crochet hook, I had to go up to an H, which is I think 5mm. I must crochet fairly tight, but the drape looks better.

the pattern is called Tulip Stitch, which is very similar to the Diagonal Box Stitch I worked so hard to find awhile back. The difference is, this pattern begins with a chain multiple 4, then goes straight up, making the edges as the same size. Then I am able to put a nice border to finish. With the DBS, at least one of the sides is full of slip stitches and crocheting on the border is bothersome.

Everywhere I have carried and worked on this, the ooo-ing and aah-ing is abundant.

Something else about it… the gals in my Needlework Group were quite smitten with the pattern and how fast my hook was flying along. So the office made photocopies of the copy I had. the next week’s meeting, I walked in just a little late (my latte took forever to get purchased) and there were 3 friends working on baby aphgans using the pattern. It would seem I set out a good example, and be a good teacher.

It is going to camp for sale on the Crafts table.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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