the TA Sub Jobs are Happening

A couple days ago during a job, I was helping to move a student from her wheelchair to another place for awhile. She did not appreciate our efforts, so resisted by throwing her head back, which hit me across the bridge of my glasses.

The nosepieces flattened against the inside of the lenses. I managed to help get her situated anyway, then set about trying to adjust my glasses to be able to work the rest of the day. I need to be able to see.

That was about 9:30 in the morning, and the day went on from there.
For PE, we went walking outside, with me pushing a kid in a wheelchair to a park then back to school. Later, I looked up the Walking directions and learned the total was 1.6 miles.
When I signed out, I learned from the office assistant about SubFinder and a mix-up, so she was trying to make a correction. I think the mistake was on my end, but I don’t work Thursdays in the Sub job for public schools.

I got home so tired I forgot a committee meeting at church. the chairman sent the Minutes by e-mail the next morning.

Thursday, I went to the eyecare clinic to get my glasses adjusted properly. By then, the top of my left ear was quite tender, and the bridge of my nose a bright pink. The guy did his best, but I really need to be getting new glasses anyway, so I should set up an appointment for an exam.

Today was a half day Friday in 8th grade. Students I’ve known since they were in 6th grade. One kid sneered when I entered the room. I grinned and said “Oh good, you remember me!”

A bit later, I told him that he was not following the teacher’s directions. He told me that I am not supposed to talk to him, I was there for the other student.
I shrugged and said I was just making an astute observation.
Using a big word will often get kids to settle down, and it worked this time. He sat very still, hands folded on his desk. I knew he was just being a smartass, but since it was the desired outcome, I went back to grading Math papers.
Meanwhile, the teacher had decided to try a different method, so he was drawn into the assignment.

My assigned student kept looking across his paper at my face. Then he asked me to take off my glasses and pointed at the bridge of my nose and mumbled something. I asked him to repeat, and finally understood the word “hurt”.
I said it hurts a bit, but it will get better. I did not go into the tale of being bumped by another student’s head.

On the way home, I actually had to push the Pedestrian Crossing button to get across Main Street. 3 kids hurried to do this with me—the light does not give much time. Crossing a side street, in the middle of the street, 1 boy said “You were at my school today” (probably in PE class).

He asked why I was walking. I told him I live not far away, I love the exercise. This is a good thing, kids seeing an adult walking home, wearing a blue backpack.

I asked where they were going.
To the skate park, tapping his very worn board under his arm. I nodded, as if a kid and a skateboard after school is the most normal thing ever.
A different kid spoke up, saying he is saving for a skateboard, so now he just watches. I nodded again, as if watching is a good pastime.

Actually, I was very pleased they were willing to walk and talk with me, but I guess they thought my nods were of disinterest. Their pace quickened as young people are able to do, so they pulled ahead.

As I turned the corner of the side street towards the house, they looked back and one called out “See ya!”
I waved and said “Yep!”
It’s an honor, I say, for kids to walk along with me awhile.

At home, I looked in the mirror at my nose. Yep, it’s got a red spot, with a little cut from the metal. It doesn’t hurt, even when I was in the shower, but it must look like quite an ouch for the kid to mention it.

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend. No plans, other than sleep and crochet.
Only duty is Pre-school Nursery during church. Husband says we have a date to see the movie at the historic Normal Theater, so I guess I believe him.

We have the windows open for some great evening air.
The ISU stadium down the street has a crowd cheering.

This sure is a town worth living in 🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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