Little Bits for my Happyness

In the grocery store parking lot, I was just about done putting the bags in the trunk when a Nissan Altima pulled in to the next space.
I’d say it is newer than my 10 year old car.
A woman about 6 months pregnant got out, walked around to the passenger back door, opened it, and began the task of letting loose a little boy about age 3 from his carseat.
I had to wait to be able to get into my driver’s door, so I told her I liked her car, it is very similar to one that a friend owns.
She said it had been her aunt’s car, so when she passed away, her cousin sold the car to her growing family for the cost of title transfer and new license registration. It was a blessing to be able to have it.
Isn’t that so generous and kind of a relative?

When I was pulling in to the parking lot near the party supply store, I saw a tall guy just getting out of a car. A brief thought passed in my brain “that guy is as tall as my Chris”. I pulled into a space, set the hand brake. As I opened the door, I saw a shadow pass over the mirror, looked up and there stood Chris, looking just a bit amused as he asked “Were we supposed to meet here?”
Well, no, but I was going in for birthday napkins.
He and his friend were looking for a wedding congratulations card.

He then gave me a hug and said it’s nice to see me somewhere away from home.

son Chris’s friend had some time at our picnic table, doing a drawing assignment for an Art class she is taking at the community college. I went out with my knitting nobby, hook, and string in hand. Husband brought over a bicycle and parts he is working on. Chris sorted through a box of magazines he found in his old room.
We were companions for awhile on a lovely Autumn evening.

I asked if she wanted a pair of potholders to help with the wedding gift. She nodded, not quite knowing what was to come. I went through my Crafts Done basket, then carried out a dozen pairs of many colors for her to choose from. The one she picked was yarn colors purchased at WallyWorld in St. C, then crocheted while I was sitting on the deck at my sister’s house. They must have a great aura surrounding, I will never again be able to have that exact situation.
Also handed over a nice handmade dish scrubbie, given to me by a friend. Having a dishwasher, I don’t use one up before my next gift time happens.
The kids will put together a nice gift for the newlyweds.

Topping off all this glad times, when I checked SubFinder last evening, then again this morning, it listed No Jobs Available. This gives me a nicely open day to catch up some housework, and make a few preparations for this weekend when I’m getting outta town for church Women’s Retreat! Yippee!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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