Dropped Away for Saying What I Think

Just about a week ago, I came across a headline for an article about a situation in my hometown in Ohio. I clicked, read, clicked on links, watched a short video produced by their local television station.

Still the news left my heart racing,
and my breathing stopped for a couple extra seconds.

a Guy who was a grade ahead of me through school, yet we had a class together in high school,
whose father had been a buddy of my own dad, whose kid’s birth was within months of my son

had shot his wife, and then himself,
in a murder-suicide

the video had the voice of his neighbor lady, who had called the police to a quiet street on a sunny morning, because she heard gunshots, albeit a few minutes apart

News articles since then have been sparse with details. He was currently unemployed, had some trouble with drinking and driving… actually had a court appearance due.

the Obituaries give names of relatives, but seem put together a bit fragmented, understandable under the circumstances.

But, I was Friends with friends on Facebook
and so I had snippets of the scene behind the news

there is a Benefit Fund established, and an Event planned

One Status Update just about knocked me over again
“a couple more Kegs needed”

which I have never asked for in all my times of serving Funeral Dinners

So, I sent a private message, not a Comment for all Readers, to the person who wrote the request, and told her that I don’t think more kegs would be needed during a time when everyone might try to drown their sorrows

the reply came back that the guy “did not die from drunk driving” and “we are not hosting a drunk fest”
and I am titled (sic) to have my own opinion

Well, okay. I wrote my say, in private messages, and have never mentioned it again on Facebook.

Although my husband, son, and friend have certainly gotten earfuls in my own kitchen.

However, this little exchange upset my Friend so much that when I got home from the job yesterday and logged on to Facebook, her name and Profile will not appear on my List.

Is there a term for that? Un-Friended? De-Friended?

which implies “You pissed me off so much that pictures of my adorable child will never touch your screen again” ?!?!

Well, I’m sitting many miles away from the old home town in the Valley. And there are ways other than “more kegs” where I would like my donations to go.

I don’t really want to call my mother yet, but I know she will have even more details. She will have the older generation’s observations.

Meanwhile, the washer is on its last spin.
I have to pack my bag for Yarn Group this afternoon.
And two cats are telling me they are glad I’m home now so I can open and close the door every 10 minutes to let one or the other come indoors or go outside on a lovely morning.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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