You only thought you were going to read that book

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She’s doing better, Holly is. We really thought we’d lose her earlier this year.  She was SO sick, couldn’t even raise up her head.

Amazing thing about cats, apparently they can recover from diabetes.  But it did some damage; the vet says her eyes are not in good shape.  In fact overall he said she seems more 17 or 18 than 15, which is her real age.

This is not her first close call either.  She had an awful infection in her leg some years back, from another cat that chased her and snagged her in the hind quarters..  I gave her injections every day for – what was it? – 2 or 3 weeks, directly into the site.  She was an awfully good kitty; she’d holler but never once tried to scratch or bite me.

Trouble is, the antibiotic was Baytril, which has many side-effects including damage to joints, tendons, and retina.  We took that risk, without being able to explain it to her, to save her life. 

So I really don’t know how well she can see.  Seems to get around all right, but she studies visual problems for a long time before attempting a solution.  One thing has not changed: if you are eating something that smells good to her (like buttered toast), she wants to examine it more closely.

– George (This entry cross-posted to Decrepit Old Fool)

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