My kittycats went to the Doctor

The cats are having a birthday this month, so they got to go to the veterinarian to have their annual physical and update shots.

Mahalia has her diabetes in check, and there is no longer a need for insulin shots. I have only a teensie amount in the bottle, so I keep an eye on her to see if she needs a minimum dose. She still takes a half tablet of thyroid medicine every morning, but her weight is back to normal.

Oscar seems to have a bladder infection. He was given a big dose of antibiotic alongside the vaccinations. I’m supposed to push fluids, especially in the heat of summer. He goes back in a couple weeks for check-up.

Their appts with handsome doctors has been the main undertaking of my week.

Otherwise, I work with yarn while watching videos or JEOPARDY!

It’s been a fine and quiet summer, but it’s about half over already.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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