the School Year is come,  with Prayer and Songs

In case you didn’t notice the announcement written on hundreds of signs in yards all over town, this evening was the service for Opening the School Year in Prayer out at Eastview Church.

I got there early enough to find a nice seat away from anybody wearing perfume, near a light so that I could see well enough to use my crochet hook and yarn, yet still be able to read a screen (I sure do miss a hymnbook).

This is Year 11 for the meeting (I’ve been to 9 of them) where folks gather to pray for a good school year.  Nobody gets missed, prayers are for the students, their parents, the teachers, aides, cooks, bus drivers, administration, college professors, the neighbors of the buildings—we all get a phrase and a blessing.

There is a Praise Band, with words to the songs projected on screen(s), a couple solos, a scripture reading, and open microphone so anybody can be heard talking to the Lord.  The song leader was our newspaper carrier many years ago, but I didn’t know then that he has such a nice voice and musical talent.

Just before the opening music, a family came and sat down in the row where I parked myself.  The mother’s perfume was sweet but not overwhelming, so I stayed put.  A little boy about 7 years old sat with one seat between him and me.

I stayed sitting for the first several songs, working my crochet hook on a light blue dishcloth.  The little guy would glance over to watch, but as soon it seemed I might notice him, he would look away.

I finished the border during the last verse of the last song.  When the lights came up, a principal of a junior high school came over to say Hi, and to ask if I’m gonna be a TA Sub again this year.  Well, Sure, See Ya There!

The little boy was moving away with his family, so I made my excuses and caught up with him.  I handed over the dishcloth, saying he watched me crochet it so he could have it.  His mother looked stunned, which made me backtrack my thoughts a bit.  In a church service I cannot talk to a child?  Is Stranger Danger really too crazy?

The dad realized my intent, nudged the boy who was examining the cloth.  “Say Thank You”  He looked up at me in hero worship.  “You made this, just tonight! Thank You!”  then he turned to let his little sister about 5 years old touch it.
the dad nodded his own Thanks, while I leaned over and told him that the crochet hook keeps me from biting my fingernails, so I’m glad to have something useful at the end of the evening

When I got home, Husband asked if we have made sure the whole community has prayer support so that school can start.

Sure Thing, we’ve got showers of blessings, and I’m still humming Shine Jesus Shine.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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