Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Today my memory is all gone away.
Must be the heat. Real Prairie Summer happened overnight.

There was a breakfast this morning for Sunday school teachers of the coming year.  I’m a Substitute, and had an invitation.  Did not remember at all, until the leftovers were served during Fellowship Hour.  My book was stuffed into the church mailbox.

This afternoon, I had an invitation to a neighbor’s party, her son who graduated high school with our youngest is now a New York City musician is home and willing to do a bit of a recital.  Sounded like fun when she mentioned it over a week ago, and it was written on the date in my Planner Book.

Meanwhile, Husband and I rented the movie Gran Torino, went up and got sandwiches to go, then made plans for an “at home afternoon in the air conditioning we pay for”.
I completely forgot the music thing until I saw other neighbors carrying their folding chairs around the corner.

After our movie (a great one, my Dad would have loved it)
I set up the ironing board.  I could hear the notes of the saxophone floating on the breeze, but I had work to do at the time.

Chances. Choices. Consequences.

Now I know that everybody is on the edge of the seat waiting for pictures of Lucas and Milly’s blanket to show up either on this blog or the Inbox.  And Yes, we went over to the Atrium of the College of Business where there is adequate light and plenty of space.  Husband took many pictures of the project, by itself and with me.
They still need a bit of loving care before being ready for public viewing.

Meanwhile, since I have finished the summer’s major big work of love, I figured out how to crochet the Diagonal Box Stitch pattern.  There are several spots with instructions on the ‘Net if you have an interest.

the potholder on the left is the first practice = it is two pieces done the same size then crocheted together around the edge
the white cotton dishcloth on the right came next

and now I am working on a baby blanket done in Softee acrylic 3-ply light blue and white which is getting many oooo-s and aaawwwhhhs all over when I bring it out of the tote bag

Gotta go for now.
My backside needs to do some moving using the treadmill.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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