Movie(s) watched so no chores done

Over the weekend, we rented a dvd movie of Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood

Husband wrote about it at Decrepit Old Fool.

there is much much cussing in the movie, the use of guns,
and a girl with bruises implying worse

but I just know that my dad would have related with it
because he was a Korean War veteran, liked to keep our property all spiffy, worked in a steel mill for years, lived in a house full of women

and he loved Clint Eastwood movies, saying that he and Clint were born the same year so their lifetimes overlapped (Clint being only 10 months older)

Monday, I watched Charlotte’s Web on a vhs tape purchased at a rummage sale for 50¢
while crocheting the last few rows of the body and the first row of the border for the baby blankie

so I guess today should be doing some actual household chores or sumthin….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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