Dang Phone Machines! the hat looks good

when trying to take a picture of a knitted lady’s hat
grab the snow shovel still resting behind the front door
lean it against the porch railing in between downpours
drape the hat over the handle
and hope tired hands cooperate with the camera buttons
Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Autumn Print 4-ply acrylic yarn

it fits me fine, but it will go to a charity need

the picture there?  well, it’s what I did Monday
Husband went back to the job, and I wanted to stick close to home but not too busy, just in case he called for a ride or sumthin.

Yes, I’m still working with cotton granny squares, but I realized I had not knitted a loom hat in about a month, nor had I worked with acrylic yarn in that time.

When I am trying to work with my Planner Book, I like to be sitting down with the paper book open on a shelf in front of me, the big phone on the wall with the receiver against my ear, and numbers for the automated system on the phone itself, right where I can read ‘em and hear the beep to show I pressed hard enough.

Having the number pad on the same part as the earpiece does not work for me, the motions repeating *up to the ear to listen, down to the proper distance and adjust bi-focals to see the correct button* make me lose concentration and tire out my wrist.

I cannot understand how folks use those itty-bitty cell phones or personal assistant devices or online calendars or whatever they are called, with the teeny screen which I cain’t read in sunlight.  Mine comes out only when necessary, which I consider a long distance aka free minutes call to my mother, and even then I’m sitting all comfortable on the porch steps, not waiting at the take-out window for supper.

Some people just live to be the first to have the newest gadget and be showing me how easy it is to use, all while I am trying to work on something else a whole lot more fun to be doing.

I’m thinking of this because I need to be here near the phone, Planner Book in hand, waiting for a medical office to call me back to set up an appointment for a colonoscopy.  Already this morning, I have made 4 calls and received 5, plus the look-up I did on the Internet to find a provider within our insurance network so it will get paid for.

weel now, I have typed myself out so I’ll have us get on with the rest of the day

Mine will become easier when I get an important appointment set up, and hope I can find a driver available at the same time.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

update almost Noon, but the gal called me back and we made an appointment for early morning Monday 29 June
I won’t say I can hardly wait, but I will be glad to learn a few things I’ve been concerned for

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