Cash in Hand Still Works Wonders

In the ongoing saga of Husband’s ailments,
he still has a white tongue, attributed to Thrush.

Apparently last week’s *swish and swallow* stuff did not work well enough, so I called the surgical office.  Doctor T himself called back to say that he was just leaving, and the symptoms should probably actually be looked at, being that so much time has passed, so he recommended the Walk-In Care Clinic.

over there, Geo got weighed in and temp take within 10 minutes, the doctor 10 minutes after that.

And sho nuff, white tongue means Thrush.

I asked for an actual written prescription, cuz the last time they used a fax, it was 4 hours before I could pick up at the pharmacy.
The explanation I got from the Pharm Tech is that the doctor has to get pre-arranged authorization for payment using a different drug within such a short time for the same affliction.
And this evening would follow that—the doctor himself had to get the insurance to comply.

So I asked how much if we do an end run around insurance?

Cash payment for generic would be about $14
if we wait for insurance, name brand, co-pay would be $18
and it would be 24 hours for pick up, IF the doctor had called by then

Fifteen minutes later, Geo handed over a $10 and a $5 for the little white bag with 8 precious pills in it

Green bills are still welcome at the pharmacy

Please, oh President Obama, help this mess get easier!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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