Kinda Busy Here….. Move Along

Bright and early Monday morning, I report to the Endoscopy Center to have a colonoscopy exam.
This is part of a routine physical, and covered by health insurance

the preps began a few days ago,
no aspirin or NSAIDS,
no vitamins with iron

Foods List says 2 days prior
nothing red or orange,
no seeds or nuts or skins or pulp

One day prior to appointment
At 6am begin diet of only Clear Liquids

At 3pm, I took 4 pills of a stool softener

At 5pm, Miralax mixed with half gallon Gatorade
Drink a glassful every 15 minutes until gone
Continue Clear Liquid Diet

At Midnight, nothing else by mouth

Husband says he has a book to study while in the Waiting Room

I’ll see ya on the other side of Monday

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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