A Long Weekend

There are times when I wish my husband and his 99-year-old grandmother lived next door to each other.  They are both quite opinionated about politics, but sending letters and newspaper clippings from California to Illinois and back is not quick enough.

Me, I’m not all that interested in who lives the White House.  My bathroom still needs to be updated, and my 23-year-old son’s wages and living situation doesn’t provide health insurance.

So far, nobody running for any political position has knocked on our front door and provided the services of an interior design consultant and money for a contractor,
or nationwide medical care for all citizens.

It seems the family has to deal with whatever comes along.

Meanwhile, my Decrepit Old Fool is talking about the Republican V P candidate, and I have a three day weekend when I wanna relax and ignore politics.

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~~love and Huggs, Diane

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