Donated Granny Squares Crib-size Blankie

The Normal Activity Center Needlework Group accepts donations of yarn and supplies to keep our projects going.
There is a nice shelf area in the storeroom dedicated to types and colors and weights of various yarns, plus a couple drawers with supplies, and a file cabinet with patterns.
Believe me, it is a crafter’s dream to be a part of this!

Somebody (and she knows who she is) donated 28 boxes (yes, that is twenty and eight covered boxes) of completed granny squares to the group.
I believe the original idea was to have folks send her squares, then all she would have to do is sew them together for some charity event.
Then health troubles got her behinder and guiltier, so give them to us she did.

We already do so many projects for donations, this can become another branch.

Last Thursday, I grabbed a big skein of yarn from the box marked WHITES, and brought home a pile of pastel squares which looked like they could become a crib-size baby aphgan.

When Husband got home from work, he found me sitting on the floor getting dizzy from too much color combination tugging at slightly odd sizes trying different arrangements.

It turns out the yarn for the sewing and the border had the name of Soft White, but this thing was already so far along, I just wanted to get it done.

Click on pictures for another view.

It’s a bit crazy to look at, but I know first hand that it is a warm cover.
I was watching the Olympics and had the blankie on my lap to work the edging.
Even with the air conditioner turned down low, I fanned my legs as I turned each corner.

One more chapter in my How I Spent My Summer journal.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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