Alligator in the Kitchen

Last night must have been good for sleeping for me.  I woke up with a very full bladder, so much so that when Husband was in the bathroom running water to fill the cat’s bowl, I barely made it to the potty.  Both he and the girl cat looked at me strangely, cuz usually the bathroom ain’t so crowded.

I also remember a dream.  Husband says that dreams are just the mind sweeping out the cobwebs, trying to make sense of circumstances that happen while we’re awake.
I would wish to have my own personal Joseph, dream interpreter, like the Bible story.

This one, I was in a house with several rooms, plush furniture, and a pond which went from outside under a wall of the building to come inside.
There was a protective railing in the middle of the kitchen, so that the lady stirring something on the stove looked like she might be a tourist at the zoo aquarium.

I was sitting on an ottoman with a little girl baby on my lap, chatting with the lady who was stirring something in a pan on the stove.  Acting like it was the most normal thing ever to have a tank of water taking up half the kitchen.

Suddenly, an alligator leaps out of the water between the bars of the railing and latches onto the leg of the baby girl on my lap, who begins wailing with pain.
A little white dog starts barking at the alligator.
I don’t know what to do at all, I couldn’t just pull the baby back while her leg was in the teeth of an alligator, and the lady keeps stirring and doesn’t even turn around to notice or help.

That’s when I woke up with my heart beating like thunder in my ears, and almost gonna pee the bed, and I was already walking a few steps on the hardwood floor before I realized I had forgotten to stretch my left foot a bit before putting weight on it.

The plantar fasciitis will certainly make itself known today.
Talk about being in the grip of an alligator.
for the first time in weeks, I’ll have to make sure the cushion is in my shoe.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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