Not much, how ‘bout you? II

I was about halfway home from the post office, mocha bianca latte in hand, when I remembered that I had not taken a picture of the last bookmark I made.
It was way too late to think of it then, the package is on its way to my sister Denise for her birthday, the big 5-0 happening this Saturday!

There were certainly many people in real life who have already had a viewing.  I had it resting on a table in the Fellowship Area at church, so there was enough ooo-ing and coveting to break a commandment.
One lady wrote her name on a slip of paper and said it was her bid for the bookmark lottery.

No such luck, that pattern was not meant for a leftie and really needed some deciphering and pulling out—both of stitches and my hair.  If I do decide to make another like it, well, it means I already love you dearly.
Otherwise, you will have to be content with something easier to hold onto and crochet around.

The weather was great for a walk downtown.  I had my camera along but did not even take it out of the bag.
I can vouch that Spring is in the air on the Illinois prairie.

The big news on local television is Ralph Nader visited the ISU campus.  Husband was in the audience and says the guy is a good public speaker.
Myself, I can’t say much about Nader, he walks a different road than mine.

Gotta get done writing.
There’s something to watch on PBS-tv about Walt Whitman.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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