A Brighter Day

Today the thermometer touched the number 80o with the sun shining bright.  I worked in a room at a junior high where I can tell the kids have matured much over the past several months and are getting ready to be promoted to the high school.
Being one of the every-other weeks, and a Wednesday, this is community outing day.  I knew that when I took the job because the classroom routine gets tedious.

MMmmm, Bowling!  Although I can’t hang onto the ball since the surgeries on my hands, I am a really good cheerleader.  The B & B Center at the university easily makes accommodations like putting up the gutter protectors for the LD kids.

The most fun I had was the bus ride.  We had to pass over streets near ISU, and with the weather being great, well, the college students were outside working on the beginnings of a fine tan.

A lovely sight in the Spring—20 year old guys without shirts, and pretty girls walking along in sundresses.
I tells ya, at age 20, humans are beautiful.

There I was on a school bus with kids who are just getting started on the looking.  Some boys were watching sunbathers beside a kiddie pool.

While we were at a STOP sign, I could tell the girls across the aisle had great interest in the bag toss game happening in the yard of the fraternity house.

One boy mentioned to our college age student intern he “caught her lookin” whereby she straightened her back indignantly announcing she is engaged
and Not. looking. at. all.

I brought up a rather dry tone of voice and said
“Just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t read the menu”.

The other TA, the bus driver, and the Lead Teacher, all busted up laughing.  The poor intern found herself in the middle of an age sandwich, but she is learning to take it all in stride.
She should end up as one of the gooduns.

all done writing now supper to get ready

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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