Outside my Window Today

Today was the first morning in 12 days when I did not have to set my alarm clock to get up and be somewhere at a specific time.

Well, guess what! I woke up anyway.
Plus, the cats have decided that 6:10 is a good time to have breakfast, and so begin pestering me by putting a paw on my cheek and pressing harder until I open my eyes.

Husband had to open the computer lab today, so he mentioned that we might meet later for breakfast at McDs.
I was happy to say Yes, coffee is welcome.

Before I’m off to my Yarn Group, I thought I might share a bit of Spring with you.

no mowing until the violets finish blooming

outside my window

the yellow flower bush is a forsythia, and there are some red tulips, too

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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