I woulda done this for free

The SubFinder computer system had no job openings last night before I went to bed.  I guess cold and ‘flu season is passing.  No phone calls at the crack of dawn, and the same blank screen when I logged in this morning.

I did the usual morning routine, then poured a second cup of tea.  Looked like I would have a day off.

The phone rang at 7:27am, and my answer was responded to with the automated voice.

Yay!  the elementary school where my sons had attended—the school building closest to our house.  And I would be working in the Pre-K room, with the youngest students in our school system.

I was expected to be there at 8am so that was the quickest shower I’ve had in a long time.  My school bag was all ready to go, so I stuffed it into my backpack.

I rode my bicycle to the school.  I wish I had a nickel for each time I’ve had my bike going that route in the last 22 years.  This time tho, I was going to an actual job.

The office assistant seemed amazed to see me.  She said there has never been a Substitute available in Pre-K before, usually they do without or split duties or something.

What a great day to be a TA Sub!  the class was going on a field trip to the fire station!  talk about some excited munchkins.  We had to make sure everybody went to the potty before we got on the bus.

It was a short ride, about a mile, but my main concern was there are no seatbelts on the big schoolbus.  I believe some folks are working to legalize that requirement.

The fire station was great.
We got to see the ladder truck, and the pumper truck, and each of the kids got to walk through the ambulance and pat the oxygen tank.  The teacher took a picture of each child sitting behind the steering wheel.

The living quarters are just little cubicles with a twin bed and night stand in each.  There are personal lockers in another room.  There are 3 refrigerators in the kitchen, one for each team of firefighters.
The tv room has NINE recliner chairs, and several kids said that getting to rock in the big chair was the most fun part of the whole trip.
The statue of the dalmatian dog received several caresses.

The radio calls was loud, and the phone rang often.

And everybody was disappointed there is only one floor at that fire station, so there is no pole to slide down like in the movies.

Back in the classroom, I set about doing TA work like spraying disinfectant on the tables, setting up snack, tying shoelaces, while the teacher did Circle Time, which was asking each child about the favorite part of the trip.

Her cell phone rang, and it was the regular TA.  She had her car towed to a repair shop and had a borrowed car and was on her way in.

We went outside for recess.  I was pushing the swings for a half hour.  Only one 4 year old of the bunch knows how to pump her legs on the swing to keep going.
And I learned that one of the girls had been in my care in the baby room when I worked at the daycare center.
Life does go on.

Then it was time to gather book bags and papers and be ready for the bus.
I had 7 names on my list, and they all got where they needed to be.

I was free to go.  They would be doing the same trip with the afternoon class, but my energy was gone by the time I put my bicycle in the garage.

Days like this is how a TA Sub earns the paycheck.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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