Pretty Much about Crochet

As I was bouncing around the ‘Net the other morning, I noticed that an update on my own blog is seriously tardy in putting in an appearance.
Looking at the calendar, two weeks is a long, long time to be missing out on all the news.
So I walked over to the big calendar held by magnets on the door of the freezer, and looked over all the little notes about my happenings.
Boring stuff, really, about how my crochet hook was missing for 4 days, during which I was thinking about how would I ever finish my nephew’s aphgan without it, and trying desperately to compensate by working up a flurry of other small items.  Those little things have stories of their own, but many people already have heard and seen results, such as the orange hat and the magenta bookmark, so I won’t muster up the energy to type about them.
And I found my crochet hook by getting crying mad and just dumping my whole carry-all bag out all over the couch on Tuesday evening.

Perhaps the most famous news about me is my picture was in the ISU Daily Vidette newspaper.  Husband has snatched the article and put in into PDF format, just in case the paper’s files go away.

I dunno anything about how the young reporter came to be interested in the Activity Center, but the Assistant Director brought him back to the Craft Room and asked if it would be alright if he took some pictures for the article.

There were 5 of us there (I suppose the cold weather kept some buddies away) with yarn and hooks or knitting needles in our hands.
He had a big black camera, a Nikon D100, I think it was.  He said he began doing pictures when he was a little kid in the darkroom with his dad, but this one is a “good digital”.

Although he tried to hang back a little, the camera was intimidating to some of our group.  It might have been easier if the camera were smaller, even though he used available light without flash.
I’m familiar with having Husband snapping away, so I tended to ignore the newbie and wanted to go on with the lesson on double crochet stitch.
He took pictures of everybody who was there, so it seemed random who might be featured.

When he mentioned the article would run in the Friday Vidette, my friends asked how to go about getting the newspaper.  There are usually piles of them in the library and coffee shops, so I said I would look and see who made the paper.
As soon as I got it from the stand in the entry of the public library, I called our Group Leader and told her I had a bunch and how the picture was of Dorothy and me.
Husband says that someone in an office brought a paper by and showed him the picture of the Missus.  This led him to bring up my blog and go to the Crochet category and show her some pictures of previous work.

Nephew’s aphgan needs 8 more stripes plus the border, and I am 4 days behind.  Once a project is begun with a certain hook, it is best to see it all the way completed with that same hook.  My size I Hero made in Germany must have just missed the edge of the hook pouch, so it slipped to the bottom of the tote bag.
When I dumped the whole kaboodle out, there was the green metal hook, twisted in with the yarn bits and balls.
This was a good excuse to clean and organize the bag, so all’s well that ends well.

Another story I want to mention is about some potholders I gave to a teacher.  They are red-white-green colors and meant to be a Christmas gift.  When I worked as a TA Sub in that classroom one morning last week, there were those potholders still in the far corner of the table.  I said they could go home to use in her kitchen.  She said she would leave them there because one of the boys with autism decided they feel nice and he uses them as a sensory tool.

Well, cotton cloth with ribbing does feel nice to my fingers, so I can really relate to the youngun taking a liking to them.
I think I’ll work with some now.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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