Innovation is a thing of the future

Being a fan of several mystery type shows on television, I just have to tell you about an advert circulating off of YouTube.

The machine is apparently used in real-life laboratories, so the company spent its money on a fine plot for the commercial, now many of us are noticing it on the ‘Net.

The word came to me from Husband,
but I’ll link you to Greg Laden’s blog
where he has it embedded.

Also, as an update from yesterday’s post about mammies…
over breakfast, Husband and I were discussing various ways of gaining knowledge of what’s in there without so much painful flattening of a gland that has all those ducts and vessels inside.

Gravity should help.  Have the woman rest her belly on a flat surface with her lovelies hanging straight down, almost like a cow’s udder.  Then have a cone-shaped device come upwards to support and take pictures.  If a CAT scan is able to give a nice view of internal organs, then something like it should be able to have a peek.

It would seem to be a better idea than what we have now.

Anybody out there wants to follow-up this suggestion, have at it.

And please, go watch the PCR concert at Laden’s place.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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