Another Day Doing Zilch

There’s nothing quite like a holiday to prolong procrastination.  Being snowed in with about 6” in the driveway is another good reason to put off doing anything even resembling housework.

I’ve used up much of the morning blipping around blogs and the Interweb.  I’ve sent links for articles to a couple folks, left a cheery comments on a couple blogs (don’t worry, I’ll get around to yours sooner or later), and came upon a whole page of New Year quotes, which you can go over to read at your leisure.  They say it a whole lot better than I am inclined.

Meanwhile, our newsletter is in suspended animation.
Youngest Son Chris says he’ll try to tackle the writing.
Husband has done some photo-shop work on pictures.
The envelopes are addressed, stamps purchased.

All I gotta do is get it together and make a trip to the post office.

But today is a holiday, and government places are closed.

There’s some banana bread on the counter,
and some new teabags in the pantry.

Time for a snack.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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