Slacking off time is over

Well, jeepers, my time is up.
Winter Break is done.

the computer voice on SubFinder called, and so I gots to be a TA Sub at a junior high tomorrow.  Nothing quite like jumping back in, feet first and with blinders on.  It’s been awhile since payday though, and car repairs strain the budget.

The family newsletter got put into some mailboxes at church yesterday, and a whole bunch more got handed to the clerk at the post office today.

the PDF version can be found here.

Those who receive envelopes or don’t is a loose lottery.
My mother, a grandmother, three aunts, and an old family friend definitely got the ones with postage stamps because they don’t work computers.
Anybody here should be able to print it out iffen the urge comes over ya.

The weather here tonight is stormy.
I sent out for my Dear Ones an e-mail of a computer generated picture from the weather outlook site.

Lightning and thunder and wind and rain.
No wonder ancient peoples thought the gods were angry.

I’m in a nice tight warm house, with a sweet husband who came home from work then climbed up onto the roof to make sure the gutters were cleared before rain water poured down.
I can’t imagine sitting through this with only an animal skin tent overhead.

Christopher is doing practice on his guitar.  He laid a sheet of paper in front of me, with careful black ink notations written in orderly patterns.  He says this is what his lessons look like, the ones he gives his students.

Might as well be Egyptian hieroglyphs for all I know.
Once upon a time, I thought I was smarter than my sons, but they have caught up and passed me by.

There’s a cat between me and my monitor.
I guess it’s time to put some food into his bowl.

Then load the dishwasher, then off to bed.

Alarm clock set for 6:10am.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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