Blankie done before holiday, which was good

Yes, Folks, we had a fine Thanksgiving.
All the usual fixins.  I’m a good cook.
Us and the 2 younger sons and one of the girlfriends.

I got through another holiday without hearing from our oldest son.  One would think 5 years is long enough.
Then again, I haven’t called my own mom for over a week.

I finished the baby blankie and gave it just in time to my co-worker on her last day on the job.
The baby is due 11 December, and her last checkup says she is dilated and can go anytime.

She absolutely Loves the baby blankie.
click to embiggen
and was telling everybody about it in the Break Room, but did not want her picture anywhere while she ‘looks like a whale’.
She’s gone until Spring Break.  There’s a maternity leave replacement TA until then, so I’ll be in and out like usual.

My shopping on Friday was 4 craft stores, where I found not what I wanted but spent some money on a different set of knitting looms.  When I got home, I got online and ordered the yarn in the colors I wanted.  Such a useful yarn, the 4-ply cotton, so everybody pretty much works with it and doesn’t give it away.  Other than my cousin in Alaska, but that yarn she sent is already half gone and is Spring shades while I’m looking for holiday colors.

Today, after breakfast, I got home to chores.  The laundry is piled high, the ironing I’m doing all over again.  One would think the guys have very few favorite shirts, since I wash and iron them twice a week.

Meanwhile, Alison Krauss is on the stereo and I’ve got 5 shirts and the pillowcases left to go, after the OSHA approved iron gets over its rest period and actually gets hot enough again.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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