Leaf Pirates

We saw an unusually beautiful little tree between the restaurant and hotel.  Naturally MrsDoF had to pluck a leaf and carry it inside.

I got to the hotel room – no Mrs!  I figured she’d either gotten into a conversation about the tree with someone in the lobby, or she’d been kidnapped by pirates in which case hey, too bad for the pirates.  Finally she caught up.

Of course she ran into a professional horticulturalist from California, in the lobby.  He had excitedly snatched the leaf from her hand;  “It’s an Acer Palmatum!  Well you can call it a Japanese Maple but that’s what it is.  I have to see it – what latitude are we at?”

MrsHorticulturalist smiled indulgently…

Posted by DOF for MrsDOF, who is doing paperwork but still wanted to post the story.

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