Thursday only seems Busy

Oy, Folks, I was not at a job today, but I stayed busy anyway.
I got my sister’s birthday gift in the mail—the line at the P.O. was long, but jovial.

Then I walked across the parking lot to the new bank building to get some cash 20s changed into smaller bills.  At our schools, the regulars have a debit system in the cafeteria, but because I am not at the same building day-to-day, I don’t pay into any personal account.  There is always one Cashier who is allowed to take actual money for lunch, but it happens so seldom that the drawer is often locked.
Anyway, I have learned to have exact dollars and coins to make it easier so the line can move along as quickly as it needs to.  Hence, my stop at a bank where I don’t have an account, but the teller was quite willing to make change for me.

Onward to Latte Time for my Mocha Bianca Chiller, then a little stop at Wal*green’s to pick up pictures of the items we had on display for the craft sale.
Since I was going to Needlework Group, I thought it would be fun to be able to inspire memories.  It was only 4 weeks ago, but time sure flies.  Come to think of it, I was busy getting prints of pictures, so I haven’t taken them off the chip and into the computer.
Sigh.  Eyestrain ahead.
With some of the money earned from the sale, a new stepladder was purchased for the storeroom, nice and sturdy, so we don’t have to be climbing up on awkward chairs any longer.  Also, new storage bins for yarn donations.  The place is looking fine, even with Christmas decorations scattered around before all the decking of the halls happens.

My show-n-tell was good.  A few hats, my new peg loom, 2 cones of yarn.  Another lady had 2 baby hats, one pink and one blue.  She says they were done with the smallest knitting needles she has ever used.
One lady had a hat, scarf, slippers knitted with a black and silver yarn that would have given me fits if I had tried to use it.  I realize that knitting doesn’t require such a tight pull through the loop, but I can just imagine how the yarn might split while in motion.
Great Work, and many willing hands make it fun.

There has come a request for scarves for toddlers.  When my sons were that age I don’t think that keeping track of a scarf was high on my motherly radar, although I do remember much nagging about a hat or a hood, and having a difficult time finding boots for growing boys.  My husband is always losing gloves, or coming up with 2 lefts just as he needs to rush out the door.
I brought home a nice variegated yarn and will try to make a couple little scarves with it.
Apparently, the word is out to several yarn groups all over town, so I don’t feel the pressure or anything.

This evening was an Ensemble at the ISU School of Music.
All the works were original compositions by students in a class.
Son Chris played a bit of piano as a part of a much larger group.  Some of the sound effects were marbles dropping and rolling across the wood floor of the stage, a rubber glove being stroked beside the microphone, and a guy making wolf calls.
One set had 4 trombones, one in each corner of the room.  Very odd feeling, the notes coming from behind the seats.
I don’t know that I think of any of it as music, but the sounds were not a spoken language and seemed to be telling a story.
I guess they need some practice to become the next David Lanz or John Williams.

I got 2 and a half potholders crocheted, and at Intermission had a nice conversation with the gal sitting behind me.  She was quite interested in the yarn on a cone and the gadget holding it.  My husband is such a fine craftsman.
One mother drove about 2 hours after her job, and had to return tonight so she can work tomorrow.  Now that is devotion!  I’m glad I live only 2 blocks from campus for an easy walk.

Well, we have come to the end of a very full day.  I have to get up in the morning and get ready to meet some church ladies and be a guest for a Christmas Tea at the nursing home.  The first social gathering of the season.
There will be many more to come, I’m sure.

~~love and Huggs, Diane



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