No Germs, Please

The weatherman says the temp reached a high of 46o.  Current temp is 39, so the downspout the other side of the wall is still dripping.  The places shoveled are dry wherever the sun touches.  The mountains of snow are a bit less.

However, the ability to see over the piles of white stuff and watch for oncoming traffic is still a matter of chance more than skill.  I was out at the high school today and watched two near collisions at the exit to the student parking lot.
Youth and skill still need experience.

I’m worn out.  My ankles and knees ache.  Those halls are long, and the floors hard.  I lost count of how many times I went to the Teacher’s Workroom, the office, the cafeteria.  At least my errands were all on one level, so no stairs.  I learned that even adults carrying something still need to acquire an elevator pass.

It was a good day.  Previous jobs, as well as my schooling are helping with this TA Sub.

There is a flu-type virus going around.
Begins with head throbbing, then moves along to all-over ache.  About half of one class was absent.

I’ve got the head thumpathumps.  Probably too much screen time causing eyestrain.

An analgesic and rest in bed overnight should take care of it.

Wednesday is a big event at church.

Gotta be ready.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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