Day Planner Full

No matter how busy I am, I still have to empty the cat litter box.  Nothing quite like walking across the laundry room all set to empty the dryer and fold the t-shirts, but to catch a whiff of heaven knows what ails ‘em.
Every other activity set aside to make that stench be gone.

I’m glad the weather got a bit warmer today.  The snow will melt and the furry critters can do their business on the far side of the garage like usual.  Right close to the neighbor kid’s treehouse.  Ain’t nobody ever complained about it.

Three of us members of the Kitchen Staff went grocery shopping for the suppers of Family Fun Nights.  It’s difficult to shop even for a family, so doing this for a guesstimate number of people and stay within the budget requires much collaborating and calculating.

We walked two stores, loaded and unloaded the car, stacked foodstuffs on the counters in the church, made a list and timeline.
One more tally mark for good company and activities.

While still in the building, someone from the HeadStart Room called my name.  Turns out, she and I were students at the community college at the same time.  She’s a TA Sub for that program, and was sitting there during her lunch break with crochet hook going a mile a minute.
Like Minds in a small world, eh?

Actually I got called to be a TA Sub at the high school again this morning, but had to say I had another committment.
This is a boost to my confidence, this standing firm and saying No when needed.

Son Lucas tells us about the PhD programs he has applied at and been accepted for.
As a mom, I worry about him going often enough to the dentist and whether he got new shoes before the snowstorms hit.
We each must have our priorities in order.

The cat wants to be let in.  Again.

How long does it take for a foot of snow to melt?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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