When Birds Gotta Sing

As the latest snowstorm moved on yesterday, leaving us with just over 4” more, Husband fired up the snowblower and cleared out the driveway, plus both front and back walks.  He seemed to be doing fine, so I stayed inside for routine chores.

Later, as he went away in the car, I noticed a couple places where the machine isn’t able to touch up.
I pulled on boots, coat, hat, warm leather gloves, then went out to work with the shovel.

The sun had come out, no machines were busy just then.
Just the sound of scraping with my shovel, and my own grunts and sighs.

I could hear a couple male cardinals and a female calling back and forth.  No doubt, we are going to have another nest or three somewhere in the trees and bushes of the neighborhood again this year.  Last year’s redbird family was quite the source for our entertainment.

This morning, I was reading the website of a newspaper back in the Ohio Valley where I grew up. Scott Shalaway’s column explains a few things about someone else’s view of cardinals.

link to original NEWSWEEK article My Turn:‘My Cardinal Rules’

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